Life Skill Acquisition Programme


Students need to be given the chance to construct with technology, not just learn to use it. Garnet Care Foundation will be enrolling 500,000 students both in secondary school and tertiary institutions. They will be trained by our experts who have well ground knowledge about technology and they will be taught a comprehensive aspect of the various courses of their choice: courses like Digital Marketing, Web Development (Front-end and Back-End), UI/UX designs, Python and Robotics and Automation. We will be going to rural areas to find kids who are compelled by passion.


Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become an expert in it. GCF will engage in the provision of entrepreneurial skill acquisition program which will empower young people from different communities where they will be able to learn various skills such as: Fashion Design, Cosmetology, Catering, Bag/Shoe Making, Hairdressing, Bead making, Agricultural program. After they are through with their programs they will be empowered with equipment, financial education and capital funding which will enable them to take off smoothly.


Through our Agricultural program, Garnet Care Foundation equips vulnerable farmers with tools and educates them with better knowledge on how to go about farming using the modern day equipment.

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