Health Care Programme


At GCF, we believe no mother, no matter which side should experience the tragedy of loosing her child or life while giving birth. We put our influence and resources behind saving more mothers lives. By scaling to improve health outcomes across a critical mass of hospitals, we are setting a sustainable standard of care, and reaching the largest number of mothers.


We are providing healthcare using our mobile health vans for people who once had no healthcare. Five days a week, our fully equipped mobile health centres brings Access to Medicine to impoverished and vulnerable individuals and families in dozens of communities across Nigeria. For some of the patients, this will be the first time they may have seen a doctor in their entire lives. Each mobile health vehicle is supercharged with a doctor, a nurse , drugs and a driver.


We Improve the health and learning environment of school children through skill based health education, water sanitation and hygiene and school health services. We give orientations and trainings to teachers as well as health workers and in mobilising schools and students as agents of change to galvanize community participations.

With you on our side, we’ll build happier, healthier children in Africa.
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