Educational Programme

Education is the movement from darkness to light by providing educational opportunities to children we work against the efforts to indoctrinate them into violence and destructive paths. Education is their best weapon against impoverishment, early marriage, gang activities and prostitution. Educated children stand a better chance of having opportunities for constructive and positive life paths. We are taking comprehensive actions in:


It is said a reading nation is an informed nation. So every month, GCF sets up a reading challenge amongst 15 pupils selected from 8 government primary schools. They are invited to GCF Library/Office to discuss the book with our librarians, author’s staff or Volunteers. At the end of the challenge, they are rewarded with GCF reading challenge certificate and free library card which provides them continued access to reading and learning resources this competition and challenge is aimed at encouraging children to imbibe and reviving the reading culture in the grantors, we believe the habit of reading should be at an early age/stage and should be embedded throughout one’s lifetime.


We aim to enroll 500,000 OOSC in primary schools and improve the quality of teaching in 450 targeted schools. We will conduct enrolment drives via radio, mobilization campaign, door to door campaign, community engagement. We will cover the costs of school uniforms, shoes, and school-related expenses.


We are currently trying to provide books to children who don’t have books and too many schools in rural areas. We would request from people living in urban areas to turn in their used books and fill up empty library shelves in targeted schools. We also intend to rehab, reconstruct, and build libraries in targeted schools in rural areas with a properly trained librarian. (Mobile library service) will be launched to extend library service to children in remote areas with each van stocked with 1,500 books. The mobile library service will operate in about 80 points in 88 villages.


We provide solar lights to children going to school to help them safety study at night. Lack of adequate and consistent lighting has a detrimental impact on school-going children. It causes reduced performance in school and exposure to pernicious emissions from kerosene burning lamps so. We also provide business to financial education to parents free of charge, so they can be financially competent parents are better able to use this knowledge to generate income and are able to take care of their kids and cover schools related expenses.

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