Educational Programme

Like a tree, poverty has many roots. But among the many causes of global poverty, one factor stands out, Education. The impact of poverty on education is of great significance and it is tormenting to see students struggling and battling the hardship to study without any support.

In Nigeria we have 70% of people living below the poverty line. Poverty has ripped the process of education apart and deprived people of getting proper access to education and good hygiene. For most poor people, a good job is a key to escaping poverty, to get those jobs amongst other things they need a quality education.

In Africa 72 million children are not in school. Some children that do attend school don’t receive a good education. In fact, 37 million children are underperforming due to receiving extremely poor education. Some of these children end up with evil intentions, early pregnancy, and diseases. Due to lack of education including morals, sex education, and a good hygiene system. Many Nigerians are reluctant to discuss sexuality and sexual health openly, making them more likely to indulge in reckless, unguarded sexual experimentation thereby increasing their exposure to various diseases.

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